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Customer’s needs and desires are the core of our work, our team members not only provide  high-quality products for customers, but also provide high-quality technical services to customers, and we promise our   high-quality technical service is fast.

Customers Get LASAT’s  Service

Quick response
Reliable, professional and efficient service
Faster maintenance and calibration
Compliance with regulatory requirements
Meet the future needs of innovation and front edge support

We understand that today the customer is not only interested in the quality of the products, more attention is to help its competitive advantage in the market value-added solutions, this is what we strive to provide customers with high-quality technical services. Technical service we provide is absolute value, whether it is answering technical questions, providing detailed information about the operation of the system, or the management of all kinds of service, we can provide professional services to the customers.

LASAT’s  Excellent Service Solution

Comprehensive maintenance services, It ensures that the instrument is in a stable state of work, free from all worries, free of to be solve all problems during the contract period , so you can sit back and relax.
● Regular preventive maintenance visit (PM),  carry on comprehensive testing and inspection of the instrument
● Priority to rapid response, 2 hours of telephone technical support, on-site maintenance services within 48 hours (except in remote areas)
● Free emergency repair and technical support services
● Free replacement of faulty parts (excluding reagents and consumables)
● Priority to spare parts inventory and supplies, with the fastest speed to solve the problem of instrument failure
● Annual maintenance and comprehensive calibration service
● By the professional site and maintenance center engineer to provid